Friday, May 18

a momentus and thrilling day

this morning did not feel like a Friday. it didn't feel like any normal day of a week at all.

now, several hours later, it does feel more like a Friday, but only a little.

in between earlier this morning and now, there were a few exciting hours of the least normal thing. something I will most likely only do once. over in the third-floor conference room of Heavilon Hall, I defended my little dissertation project about

it was really great. a tiny bit daunting. the almost-two-hours it took felt both long and short at the same time. my committee members asked productive, important questions for me. I have revisions to make over the next month, and then I'll probably blog about the thing again and include a link to where you can read the five-chapters-plus-appendices of academic prose, if you're so inclined.

Dr. Sullivan and me, her advisee, the brand-new Dr. Chesley

one of the most important pieces of this work that I still have to finish writing is the acknowledgements section. there are so many people to thank. so many people who deserve at least a nod for the small and medium and big ways in which they've helped me and my research and my writing on this ongoing journey.

now that it feels more like Friday, I think it's time for fancy cheesecake at a fancy restaurant somewhere.

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