Wednesday, November 16

words + goats + love

I don't remember how I found the All Things Linguistic tumblr blog, but I love it. usually it points to and comments on other interesting pieces about language and usage around the internet. for example, this bit about how we use "waslike" as a verb to recount approximate or paraphrased speech/attitude/reaction-of-whatever-kind. I was like "hey wait a second," and she was like "oh what is it now?" and then he was like "leave me out of it please."

other posts I loved were this one on lexical gaps in English and this one about pronunciation and singing.

and speaking of singing, I must run to choir rehearsal this evening.

p.s. I also discovered this goat-themed twitter account recently (thanks friend Dan for somehow leaving digital breadcrumbs back to it for me) and it is delightful in all ways.


Janeheiress said...

Ooh, I must share this with my linguist sister.

amelia chesley said...

yes! it is wonderful. I'm not even a linguist and I think so. she'd probably get even more out of it.