Wednesday, November 30


I've been planning this all month long (but still managed to wait til almost midnight to write the actual review here)-- it is a simple ode to my lovely sister Marianne and her lovely soap business. 

today is the last day of my review-writing, and also sister's birthday! it also happens to be the day on which Oscar Wilde died, way back in 1900, but that is only relevant in a sideways jokey sort of not-really way. 

dear sister started her Etsy soap shop a year or so ago. I still remember eagerly ordering a few bars in the name of being supportive family-member. and I still remember getting my hands on an orange-scented bar that had my shower suddenly smelling so delicious and orangey I couldn't believe it.

I have loved this soap ever since. especially the orange-scented stuff. 

I have borrowed a few beautiful, beautiful photos from the Pebble Bay Soaps instagram feed. the soap Marianne makes is not only awesome soap, it is practically art.

the shop also has a facebook page. every so often she'll post discounts and giveaways and free samples and such there.

not every scent in her catalogue is my favourite, but most of the ones I've tried are really good.

and the bath bombs! I don't often take full baths, but when I have time to do so, these bath bombs are a great excuse for it. they smell magnificent, and they make your skin feel all smooth and wonderful.

I still want to try the salt scrubs sometime. that'll be my next "supportive family-member" purchase, probably.

so happy birthday to my sister, and happy end-of-November to everyone else.

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