Thursday, November 24

favourite pie crust

on a very smudgy half-sheet of paper (pictured below) that usually lives in my yellow folder of recipes, I have scribbled:
mum's pie crust 
1 cup butter or shortening
1 teaspoon salt
2½ cups flour
1 egg
1 Tablespoon vinegar
½ cup cold water
there are no instructions listed, because I know to cut the cold butter into the dry ingredients, then add the beaten egg and the cold liquid. mix it all just enough, then wrap it up to chill in the fridge for a night. or 30 minutes. or something like that.

and then of course you roll it out on a floured surface, and make pies. pies with flaky, golden, lovely crusts.

these are apple. we also made two sweet-potato pies. they'll be our breakfasts for days, I'm sure.

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