Thursday, November 10


well, my rambly little list of loosely scheduled things-to-review has gotten totally thrown off course.

I'm gonna be defending my dissertation prospectus in 3 weeks or so, if all goes well, and my attention is trying to be pretty laser-focused on that right now.

but I said I'd blog all these days in November, so I'm throwing this together for us today: a link to a 46-part twitter-essay. it is full of advice on being not just a less prejudiced human (which is an alright if somewhat weak-sauce goal, of course), but on being actively anti-bigotry, anti-racist, anti-prejudice. seriously, the whole threaded-together twittery thing is worth reading.

there are lots of complete strangers-to-me saying all kinds of things on twitter. not all of it is understandable or moving or useful. but this 46-part twitter-essay was all those things for me today, and so I thank the feminist blogger who took the time to write it.

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