Friday, March 18

food inspiration

spring break is nearly over, which is a little bit sad, but overall this break has been one of the most chock-full and rewarding spring breaks I can remember. for five straight days I have had my brain and hands in fun new cooking experiments. I have had new people in my little apartment. I have shared recipes and food and grand times with some lovely and generous people. 

in no particular order, here are some of the photographs taken during the spring break cooking extravaganza that concluded today. 

gnocchi and brussel sprouts

a lovely top-secret-recipe paneer dish.

homemade tortillas, frying so peacefully.

and classic margherita pizza, using this rather famous crust.

the best part of it all was having an accomplice in attempting recipes I have never attempted before. there were many more recipes we wanted to try but did not have time for. cooking vacation round 2 might be something that needs planning... 

what we did cook was quite glorious, though. and I learned so many little things. did you know pickling vegetables was so easy? had you ever even heard of fregola before? I cannot wait to try some of these recipes again and get more familiar with them. that pizza crust, definitely. and the gnocchi. and paneer. all of it. good thing none of us ever grow out of needing to eat, eh? 

not pictured here, but possibly pictured over on instagram:  ∙ pickled onions (sweet and spicy) and cabbage ∙ orzo pasta salad ∙ fregola brocolli salad ∙ tofu and smashed plantains ∙ chocolate creme brulee ∙ bananas foster ∙ more pizzas ∙ peach blueberry pie ∙ two chocolate peanut butter tarts ∙ pumpkin roll ∙ various taco fillings ∙ challah french toast ∙ pretzel bites ∙ irish soda bread ∙ potato-cheese perogi ∙ veggie dumplings ∙ fancy chocolate bundt cake ∙ and a million (okay, seven or eight dozen, give or take) wonderful kinds of cookies

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