Tuesday, May 19

arts and articles

I finished reading Station Eleven thismorning. the end wound me around itself like a spring and then at the end I bounced away, eager to read the next book. what will it be? the fat copy of Les Miserables I have sitting by my bed? the half-read Metaphors We Live By that I borrowed from friend Sam last year?

we'll see. there are also next year's textbooks to get familiar with and this old food magazine to browse. one of the ads in it is going to be shoehorned into an article I'm drafting. I think. writing projects take strange directions sometimes.

but enough about books and articles. this past weekend we went down to Indianapolis for the Broad Ripple Art Fair. (does anyone else besides me want Broad Ripple to be one word? Broadripple just feels better to me. but then I also want thismorning to be one word, so I might be a little abnormal.)

as I walked over to the Indy Art Center I saw the above mural off next to the path. neat. my ipod camera refused to work after that, so I have no photographs of the art fair itself. ah well.

some of the cool artsy things we encountered there:

gorgeous leather-bound hand-made journals and notebooks. friend Beth bought one, and I am envious.

jewelry etched with patterns of microscopic organisms. looking at these was fascinating. the etchings are copies of Ernst Haeckel's diagrams, which I remember seeing in my Visual Rhetoric class

I can't find a website to link to for the awesome ceramic lamps we looked at, but they were awesome. the art fair map gives me the name of the artist--Brian Moore--but that's it. he makes cool ceramic oil lamps and other gorgeous ceramic things.

we also entered a drawing to win season tickets to the Indiana Repertory Theatre for next year. that would be cool, yeah?

I came home with a piece of lovely pottery in which to store my wooden spoons and other cooking accoutrements. the old tin cans I had them in before can be gratefully recycled now. 

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