Tuesday, April 28

twentyeight: pointe

this is the whole world this time of year. blossoms, fat and frilly and clumped like tiny baby ballerinas. the light--when the sky isn't all April-showers, anyway--caresses them so gently, so goldenly.
look there, across from the bus stop on State Street. an arrow pointing to a tree. one with froths of flowers all around its edges. and off to stage left, sunset wandering in, all nonchalant.

besides blossoming trees everywhere, I have been noticing and noting some other cool and inspiring or interesting things. here they are, roughly in order from most-recently noticed to longest-ago noticed.

musings on animal-obsessed traffic engineers over at 99% Invisible. odd.

from Rhetoric: A User's Guide by John Ramage: “however much our language may fool us into thinking that we must choose between the two states, we all know better. Who has not described themselves as being ‘half awake’ or ‘half asleep,’ drowsy or wakeful? In our lives we experience the two states as lying on a continuum that we forever move along, experiencing more of one and less of the other but never fully ‘outside’ either..." (p. 29)

found listserv poetry by the lovely and brilliant and delightfully thoughtful, cemetery-loving poet-rhetorician-hybrid Beth Towle. I hope Beth will forgive me for all the gushing I will continually be doing about these little poems. I love them a lot, and I don't even know how to explain it.

on grade school male privilege by Shannon Hale.

this annoyingly captioned but morbidly beautiful instagram feed of stylish junk-food. why does this exist? well, who knows. but it does.

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