Wednesday, April 1

one: mushrooms and media mail

today is April. new month. new rules.
last month, a mere two weeks and a bit ago, I was exploring Kentucky and taking too many photos of pretty mushrooms on fallen logs. I still haven't transferred most of my photographs into any useful place, but I'll probably make a flickr album sometime. eventually. it will be mostly photographs of trees and mushrooms.

last month, just yesterday, the Tournament of Books ended. I haven't blogged even at all as much about the Tournament of Books as I should have. I haven't blogged at all about the times I randomly say to clerks at bookstores and librarians at libraries, "have you heard of the Tournament of Books? check it out." so far none of these strangers has responded with any recognition whatsoever. so I'm going to keep bringing it up to these book-adjacent people until everyone knows about it. it is a thing worth knowing about.

the finalists this year were both among the pile of books (and cookies) that dear, dear Patti sent to me the other week. she, ambitious soul, made time to read all sixteen of the contestants in this year's tournament. I've still only read one (Dept. of Speculation) and snippets of three others (The Bone Clocks before the library reclaimed it, Annhiliation until the semester got even crazier, and All the Light We Cannot See so far in very tiny bits, at bedtime).

I very much want to read Station Eleven now. it was the champion, the winner of the prize-rooster. the judges voted 15 to 2. wow.

once I read these few books--unless they are the breathtakingly, insidiously, unavoidably soul-firing kind that I might daydream about reading to my children someday--I will give them away. keeping books is not my style. friend Gina already has dibs on All the Light We Cannot See. I owe that Chris fellow a book or two or ten, I know. and who else, I wonder, would like a share of this handmedown book chain I will be starting...? I hope the books themselves will suggest future readers to me. it will be fun to find them homes among my many book-loving acquaintances and friends.

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