Sunday, April 19

nineteen: parting

several neat quotes got underlined in my Donna Haraway reading this weekend. the article "Situated Knowledges: The Science Question in Feminism and the Privilege of Partial Perspective" asks us to think about technological mechanisms and bodies, all the things they share and all the ways they can be jointly understood. here's a snippet:
"...all eyes, including our own organic ones, are active perceptual systems, building on translations and specific ways of seeing, that is, ways of life. There is no unmediated photograph or passive camera obscura in scientific accounts of bodies and machines; there are only highly specific visual possibilities, each with a wonderfully detailed, active, partial way of organizing worlds. All these pictures of the world should not be allegories of infinite mobility and interchangeability but of elaborate specificity and difference and the loving care people might take to learn how to see faithfully from another's point of view, even when the other is our own machine." (583)
the distance shouldn't, or doesn't have to be alienating. it facilitates possibility. it holds importantly interesting (interestingly important?) texture in the limited but complicated spaces (earth, mortality, the universe) where we all live together.

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