Thursday, April 9

nine: on purpose

more rain. more puddles. more lightning. different thunder. 
I took these photos yesterday. one of them on purpose, the others unwittingly as I walked with my camera-ipod in hand, an old-ish episode of On Being playing behind all the dripping sluicing splish splash of relentless spring showers.

so they are blurry.

they are even more wildly-angled than my usual random photography.

if you have been here on this walk between this building and that building on Purdue's campus, you might recognize it, despite its blurred and tilted representation here.

or maybe you'll recognize something else. the whirl of a crammed Thursday. the dizzying shift from skin-slicing pre-spring chill to muggy pre-summer heat. or the anxious looking from here to there and up and back and up again, wondering who and what and how you will meet and introduce yourself to the future.

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