Tuesday, August 20

sixth and wall

I bought my meager bits of furniture from some of the nicest people. they delivered all of it to my house. they were friendly and sent good vibes in the direction of my future crazy life. the people who sold me the nice sofa even invited me to their church down on 4th street, Sundays, nine o'clock a.m. I may go check that out sometime, though I told them nine o'clock a.m. seemed very early for a Sunday.
this is my scuffed little kitchen table. I took these photos before I started piling books and notebooks and papers and pens and bottles and various other knick-knacks upon its surface. today it is quite cluttered, and will probably remain that way unless I decide to throw a dinner party. which would be very cool.

classes started yesterday. it's kind of thrilling, all these navigation of new people, new responsibilities, new space, and new furniture. nothing is perfect. but all the scuffs give it great character, don't you think?

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