Tuesday, March 5

want, waxing and waning

these are thoughts scribbled in a notebook on an airplane. some in English. some in Deutsch. some in misspelled Deutsch. don't ask me why there is a random h in lerne there.

I went to Minnesota last weekend. mmm, all this traveling. thank you, universe, for giving me the time and means and physical capacity to travel. it is only slightly unfortunate I wasn't in the most perfect of moods to enjoy all the bustling airports this last time. it was still a great trip. seeing corners of the world you've never seen before is always pretty great.

some photographs:
the Mississippi. yep.
a tree full of shoes.
the Walter Library at University of Minnesota.
this place. I like how their logo sort of chops itself into three semi-distinct words-- republic, relic, and pub.
snow-covered campus.
Nolte Hall, where the department of Writing Studies lives.

everyone I met was quite kind and exceptionally interesting. also, the University of Minnesota has this. how they got so lucky, I have no idea.

I choose... I wish... I would like... I want... I must.... these are all just beginnings of unfinished thoughts. unfinished everything. I'm here in the middle. it's not over yet.

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