Friday, March 15

imbalancing here and there

I am only ever really tempted to buy books at airports. why is that? maybe the vibe of such a temporary moment (what am I saying? all moments are temporary)...
or is it the rarity of having time to mill about these tables full of lovely paperbacks? plus the convenience it would be to have something light and quick to read in between watching all the other airport clientele bustle back and forth. that might be it. waiting in airports inspires impulsiveness.

but there are so many books. and even with all the hours I spent waiting around at DFW, I could not have finished more than any one of the volumes I picked up and flipped through that day. I did not buy any books at the airport the other week, but I did look at several of them and took pictures of the displays. I had the thought, as I photographed these stacks of books, that I'd be able to look back and say something brief and thoughtful about the ones I remembered most.

but I don't really remember many of them at all. ah well.

you've all heard that the tournament of books has begun, right? I'll spare you my fan-girly gushing about how cool the tournament of books is. once again, I've not yet read any of the contenders. reading the results of each round will push a few of them onto my list though, I'm sure.

a few books from these airport bookshop displays were already on my list. the list is far, far too long.

speaking of airports, I am in Las Vegas this week. next week will be normal and Texan and as busy as ever, and then the week after I will fly to the city of Indianapolis for a few days.

after that, I don't know. there are family reunions and camping excursions and other various visits on the horizon. so much to figure out and decide and plan and prepare for.

I'm grateful for all the good things change does for my brain and my outlook. for new people and new developments, questions and theories and answers and more questions. I am ridiculously, inordinately, and astonishingly privileged. (what am I supposed to do about that?)

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