Monday, January 14


the music filling my past few days has been curiously fitting and good. likely the fittingness is all in my head, but still (isn't everything?). serendipity and meaning, however subjective or twisted, can be neat. I've had M83 like orange juice over ice, and Ingrid Michaelson like sparkling sirens on a beach. these are the delusions my brain has been happily picking out of the seemingly mundane stochasticity of the world lately.

and today, pandora played me a song I've heard and liked and nodded sagely in rhythm with for a while. it's called "Get Off This" by a band called Cracker. quite catchy. the verses haven't completely unravelled their meanings or imagery for me yet, but the chorus...

the chorus goes like so:
let's get off this and get on with it.
if you wanna change the world
shut your mouth and start to spin it.
get off this.
get on with it.
if you wanna change the world
shut your mouth and start this minute.
and doesn't that conjure up the delicate but indomitable spirit of Mahatma Gandhi for you? it makes me think about this post from two summers ago. and my homelessness project, too. maybe I should resurrect that homelessness project.

change is unavoidable, but it is nice to think we can influence the kind that happens. at least a little bit. maybe. it may not make any huge difference in the long run, but even so, the ultimate pointlessness of things should not be dragged up as an excuse for us to stay in bed all day. at least not more than once or twice a year, anyway, right?

I shall probably write again this week about the semester ahead. I hope my classes are interesting. maybe they'll even contribute to changing the world. (I have every reason to expect that they will change my world. so that's somewhere to start.)
{ image borrowed, of course, from xkcd. }

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