Friday, September 21

transmit, rush, shift, clutch,

is it Friday already?

a sudden sniffliness this week has contributed to some severe disconnectedness. I don't know what day it is or what I'm supposed to be doing for what or for whom or when or why. am I in a different world? has my brain just started functioning differently?

have I mentioned the time friend Shara and I watched this robin flutter its last in her backyard two or three years ago? we had scared off the murderous cat, but it was too late.
I took pictures, for some reason. was it because that beautiful and abruptly lifeless little bird looked so...
serenely sculpted? or because I just wanted to remember being there for that crystal clear moment when the breathing stopped?
call me morbid. I don't know if any of you will find these photographs of a dead robin lovely or just bizarre. why am I putting them here?

I pulled up this old draft of a blogpost--because it's Friday already--and I haven't blogged yet--and blogging at some point every week is a thing I've made a priority for some reason--and in this old draft was a quote from my readings over the summer. it's from an article by Michael Rose (hmm. he seems to have a blog), I think. maybe I'll look up the title someday and revise this post to include that detail. for now, the quote. I took note of it because I can often relate:

"People who test high field independence: relatively impersonal, individualistic, insensitive to others, interest in abstractions, intrinsically motivated, use previously learned rules" (329)

I'm giving you no context for this little quotation. likely you're not sure what these terms 'field independence' and 'field dependence' mean. Rose was talking composition theory. learning styles. what do I see? a mirror. interested in abstractions? mhm. taking things out of context? of course. why not? re-appropriating whatever we were just talking about into something randomly different? yes. someone says 'butterflies,' and I extrapolate lightyears away...

...that reminds me of what Perelman means by the 'universal audience.'

...they're like stretchable, shapeshifting Russian dolls, or something.

or that makes you a little bit like an Eskimo then. 


SBIESI said...

Hey! I remember that. I remember it's dying breath too. That was a sad day.:( I'd forgotten you'd even taken those pics. And no, I don't think it's morbid. At least not to me. :)

amelia chesley said...

photos don't really capture the coolness of it, but they are something.
crazy how long ago that was....