Monday, June 11

nowhere everywhere

the world is big. it's even bigger than Texas (and Texas thinks it is the biggest place there is. it's not... but we love it anyway). there are so many far-flung parts of the world that look awesomely different. they feel different. they talk different. they're just different.

they've got different sorts of street signs. (I kind of love whatever typeface that might be, there. very good choice, city-planners of Budapest.)
they paint their buildings different colors. that's the university library, there.
the sun still sets in the west. the sky still gets swept full of gorgeous smudgy clouds.
but they put different stuff on their pizza. this was a seafood pizza we had in Sighişoara, Romania, and it was the most marvelous thing ever. new favourite food. yes. also: the hot chocolate at this place was gloriously thick and smooth and chocolatey and I will dream about it for the rest of my life.
they have different names for things. in Hungary this river is the Duna. in Romania: Dunărea. in Slovak: Dunaj. and in Austria it is the Donau. why do we say the Danube in English? I am not sure. let's blame the Romans. while we were in Bratislava, we got to canoe for a bit down this, the second-longest river in Europe. very nice.
Stephansdom in Vienna. we wandered in one evening to this eery purple-blue light, and it engendered in me a very hushed and solemn otherworldly feeling--one I hope to remember for a very long time.
we got to see a concert of Strauss and Mozart and other miscellaneous classical greatness. there were ballerinas and opera singers, too. the people sitting next to us were a quartet of Asians from Vancouver, Canada, and they were very friendly.
and these two crazies from the UK showed up at the end. dear Nic and dear Chris met us in Budapest for a few days. how awesome. it was seriously lovely to see them.

there is of course much much more to be said. and a million more pictures to show. we'll see what I can throw into my future blogposts. any requests?

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