Wednesday, May 16

a weirdly symbolic goat

alright. here it is--

when this blogpost gets posted (I'm writing it from Monday evening), I'll be safely aboard KLM Royal Dutch Airline flight 670 from Dallas, Texas, to Budapest, Hungary (via, of course, Amsterdam).

don't be jealous.

to keep my dear blog alive while I'm gone, I've got a short two-part short story lined up. as per your requests a few weeks ago, it will be the story of the boy and the goat. I haven't posted any complete fiction on the blog yet, so hopefully it isn't too weird. sorry, if it is.

the idea for this story wandered over a hill one day, just sat down in my head, and didn't do much. it was a very odd concept. silly. inexplicable. but eventually I used it to write this--an excerpt from what I decided to call The Adventures of William Neil Phaleenkanos--and I finished it for the creative writing class I took in England way back in 2004. part of the assignment was to include at least a few random items from a list the professor gave us. I know the telescope was one of those things. maybe you can spot others?

anyway. this post serves as an introduction. there is a boy. there is a goat. their story has something like a tinge of the panoramic, but it's tiny. and it's in present tense, but awfully aloof and eerily certain. it will be a quirky tale, and short, and allegedly 'excerpted' (though from what I have yet to figure out). I hope you like it. I hope it provokes some sort of twinkling introspection or at least a detached bemusement. parts 1 and 2 of the 2085-word adventure will be up one after the other, next week and the week after that. stay tuned, or whatever.

if all goes well, I'll be back in three weeks, with a huge amount of photos and maybe some Hungarian or Slovak stashed away in my head. wish me luck.

PS: I still think this is undeniably adorable.

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