Thursday, April 19


they tore out a little patch of grass near the dorms and replaced it with a parking lot.

I was very sad about this, and I will miss those trees. (please, please resist the urge to start quoting that insufferable Counting Crows song. please. goodness, I'm sorry I even brought it up.)

along with the new parking lot there are new curbs and new walkways, and upon all these newly poured stretches of concrete, across which I walk on the days I have class, I noticed a few lovely indentations.
the texture in these photographs is really cool, I think.
all that flat, grainy cement interrupted by the fossil of a leaf...
I remember being so struck by these organic shapes lying so neatly in this man-made surface--as if it were some gloriously surprising and unique occurrence that a leaf would actually get just stuck enough to make a pattern in the sidewalk. but now I've started to see these little fossils all over the place. scattered showers of leaves, impressed at random in what once was wet cement. they're everywhere.

why didn't I ever notice them before?


Leucophyllum said...

I'm sad you think it's a Counting Crow song. "Big Yellow Taxi" is a Joni Mitchell song (and it's awesome and based on a true experience)!

Neat pictures!

amelia c said...

is it really? well now I know, and I shall not make that mistake again. I guess their cover was just really stupidly popular. I remember being annoyed by it. but maybe I should look up the original. perhaps I'll like it better?