Sunday, April 8

come up

Easter Sunday. I know I just talked about this, my favourite holiday if I had to choose one, but I can't just not say it all again, now that today is actually the day. a long time ago, I concluded that this blog was not the place for me to talk about my religion. all the crazy-sounding things I believe and know and cherish--they're things I keep pretty close, I guess. those things don't mesh so well with the kinds of showing off I tend to do in this most public of spheres. so that's why you'll only hear about my faith in snippets. in doodles, offhand references. or very briefly on special occasions. that's okay, isn't it?

but to reiterate the favouriteness of this day: Easter means life. renewal and springtime and green things and flowers and babies and seeds and everything fresh. beginnings and breakthroughs and blossomings... the pagan holiday and the Christian one aren't so different, I don't think. it's the same celebration. we just have a different reason.

Jesus Christ is the reason. all that we are and can become, we owe to his ineffable omnipotence. that is the celebration, which needn't be confined to Easter at all. it's every sunrise. every speck of starlight. every moment.


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