Thursday, February 2

i win

last week I received this plain little envelope in the mail:

it contained a scruffy, taped shut CD case, which contained a game, which was my very random prize from these semi-crazy people, which I won by virtue of having posted a simple little comment at the bottom of this article, which was lovingly and thoughtfully crafted by friend Chris, who probably rigged the whole contest just for a lark.

of my simple little comment (so far the first and only of mine to grace their little gaming website), the editors at RobotGeek said:
"Amelia’s comment appears to be the longest and most genuine comment to date to win Comment of the Week."


they don't get many comments, it seems.

since I am not likely to ever, ever play this silly skateboarding videogame, I inquired among my acquaintances for someone who might own a Playstation 2, and then yesterday bequeathed the game to friend Shelley. she and her husband are nostalgic enough to want the old thing. and she promised me chocolate in exchange. perfect trade-off, I say.


Chris said...

You commented twice, didn't you? Once in response to the post about you.

amelia c said...

you're right.... hrm. i forgot about that. and counting things is so tricky.

e said...

chocolate in exchange for a game? totally worth it. well done.

amelia c said...

i certainly thought so. :)

Nic said...

'they don't get many comments, it seems'

made me laugh :D

I hope you acquired some nice, good quality chocolate. That game is worth at least a giant Toblerone.