Thursday, December 22


since I am apparently (despite having finished the semester more than a week ago) too busy and distracted to compose a real blogpost, here are a few selected photographs transfered from my cell phone to this blog, from way back at the beginning of the semester, all the way up until this most recent monday. almost all of them are crooked. that's how I take pictures. so what?

and do they really need captions? okay, alright, I'll give them captions.
looking west from the library windows. can't remember which floor.
an interesting fountain at Holden Hall.
the archway through the administration building.
an ivy-covered gazebo next to the library.
the Lubbock Temple at sunset.
the tower of the English/Philosophy building
this gigantic puddle appears any time it rains in Lubbock.
streetlights. not sure which street. or when. or why.

Christmas lights at temple square. gorgeous, eh?


Nic said...

I like the jauntiness. It makes me feel like I'm somersaulting as I look at them.

amelia c said...

heh. I'm notorious for taking very crooked pictures. it would be talented indeed if I could take pictures while somersaulting... I might have to try that someday.