Thursday, December 8

last days

today was the last day of classes. was it not just yesterday that I found out about this crazy moving-to-Texas idea? even four months ago my worries were centered in a completely parallel universe. I never could have guessed that today I would be here, at the top of the last week of my first semester of graduate school.

on the horizon for me now are (in no particular order):
poetry recitation
sunday school lesson #34
editorial assistance
bike retrieval
dinner here and there
pages of review, reflection, and definition
after-church potluck
wagon-loads of returned library books
card-giving and well-wishing
Japanese food
last-minute readings
suitcase stuffing
and then...
airport lounging
reunion, rekindling, reminding
and hopefully some dancing.

nephew the 4th ought to be arriving any day now, also. exciting stuff, all this. and that's not even counting Christmas.

[post script: Frank Chimero's phrase for this eclectic list-based stuff is "thought shrapnel." I like that. he's been posting a fair bit of it himself lately.]


We Krazy Knuts said...

Sounds like fun! Where are you going to be ending up for Christmas?
McLain and I are going to Seattle next week for a work training, and it made me think of you!

amelia c said...

i'll be in salt lake, which is a bit weird to think about... all the christmasses for a while have been up in seattle, so it will be different.
that will be fun for you guys--i hope you love it up there. :)