Friday, September 2

virtual cork

I guess I should tell you, I am notebooking things in tumblr now.

Ira Glass on Storytelling.

the latest addition over there is this very video, which I found via Veer. (oh go ahead-- by all means praise my use of all those alliterative Vs.)

of course, I've still got the old (mostly) reliable google notebooks too, but this new tumblr thing will get filled with the best of the everything. quotes and snippets and stuff I want to remember. so. if you find that you're into the same quotes and snippets and cool stuff that I generally am, you are completely welcome to subscribe to my new notebook.

and while I'm here talking about virtual places to tuck random information you may need for something someday, just in case, perhaps-- there's also this. if you want an invite, I'd love to send you one.

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