Wednesday, July 13

the shakespeare project 2011

last year, for what turned into a 2010 shakespeare project, I started in March and steadily made it all the way to September, one play each month. this year, summer didn't come quite so soon. I missed the month of May, sadly, but June was full enough of Shakespeare opportunities, and July is looking to be overflowing with them also.

June 4 The Merchant of Venice by USP

June 11 Romeo & Juliet / A Midsummer Night's Dream from grassroots shakespeare

all three plays were very well done outdoor performances. I wish I could have gone down to see the grassroots shakespeare performance of As You Like It, too, but it didn't happen. I am looking forward to seeing All's Well That Ends Well in August, though. these little acting companies that do so much Shakespeare in the summer are wonderful. I hope they never die.

this week, (starting this very thursday, in fact), friend Allison, friend Mandy, and I will begin our Shakespeare Festival indulgence with Richard III. and then for friday and saturday we'll again sit through (somewhat more professional-grade) renditions of that most comical of all romantic comedies--A Midsummer Night's Dream--and that most tragic of all romantic tragedies--Romeo & Juliet.

adding to these three a performance of The Tempest in Midvale and a children's theatre version of The Taming of the Shrew, I'll have eight altogether (that's one more than last year, unless you count the slight cheating I had to do for october) in only three months. how's that?

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