Wednesday, June 1

painstaking needlework and such

none of the following were on my list of things-to-blog-about last week.

does that matter?

the list is pretty amorphous, and to it I have recently added some random works-in-progress, which probably don't deserve all this attention quite yet.
this embroidery/hand-sewing project has been and will be unfinished for a while. I've been working on it intermittently for months and months. but I'll let you know if it ever gets done.
and here is a hint at a project I haven't even started working on properly. but I'll write more about it... sometime. in the meantime, be curious.
this one, a very fuzzy and wonderful scarf (yeah, I know it's summer. so what?), I am right in the middle of. I began the thing with borrowed crochet hook, and I have yet to locate my own hook with which to continue. isn't that beautiful yarn? thank you, littlest sister, for not wanting it, so I could have it.
I haven't told you all about this, have I? it's... I don't even know yet. it doesn't count as literal needlework, but it is definitely painstaking. I've been revising The Plaid Identity for writing group lately. for some reason. it's a fun story, but it needs so, so much attention. the blogs I keep setting up for the monstrous thing haven't really helped motivate me to work on it much... but for now, there is the beginning of yet another spin-off (remember this little pirate one?). maybe it will amuse someone while I work on all my random unfinished projects.

PS: happy first of June.

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