Thursday, May 26


once again I am on the very brink of a roadtrip and once again I have a long list of things I wish I had time to blog about. prizes. suddenness. my dad's garage. apologies. Brian Kershisnik and other artists.

what is it about preparing to travel that adds such urgency to everything you do? so many things today have a last-chance vibe. it's like if you happen to forget your toothbrush, the world is going to end.

it isn't. there are places you can buy a new toothbrush. and even if there aren't, your teeth will probably survive until next tuesday. just stop eating so many peanut M&Ms.

anyway. before I run off for the long weekend, I do have time to blog about a very nice 5,500 word commencement speech.

earlier this month, the person behind one of my favourite voices (his name is Robert Krulwich, one of the radiolab hosts, and yep, he has a blog) addressed a few graduating journalism students. a fellow named Ed Yong posted the entire text of Mr. Krulwich's speech over here. and he says some very cool things. the bits I liked the best talked about love.
"What you love can differ, but the love, once it comes, that feeling of waking up with a kind of eagerness, a crazy momentum that pushes you into your day, an excitement you realize you don’t ever want to go away… that’s important."
"If you can… fall in love, with the work, with people you work with, with your dreams and their dreams."
love. love is the best motive. hold on to that when the rest of you feels like panicking, okay?