Wednesday, May 11

art projects

the inimitable Ms. Katie Edwards, whom I met approximately three years ago in Canada, was rather obsessed with sharpie markers. she had quite the collection--every imaginable color, every possible width--and it was impressive. we did some fun stuff with those markers, not least of all decorating hard-boiled eggs at easter.

last week, in my trademark, experimental what-can-we-do-to-make-this-junk-look-awesome-somehow style, I took a quartet of old and useless CDs and gave them sharpie makeovers.

the red one sort of looks like muscle tissue... or blood... or something.

I like the black one best, I think. it was first, so it doesn't suffer from the hrm-I-need-to-make-this-one-even-more-unique overkill vibe.

and maybe this one is the ocean. waves. seaweed...

I wish my green sharpie hadn't been so streaky and weird, or that one might have turned out better.

all four together might represent the elements, eh? fire. air. water. earth.

anyway. speaking of sharpie art projects, there is a graffiti artist named Jona Cerwinske who was commissioned to take a handful of black sharpies to a brand new white lamborghini. here is what she did with that combination:
Sharpie Lamborghini Gallardo 13.jpg

Sharpie Lamborghini Gallardo 09.jpg
{ photos borrowed from flickr. }

beautiful, hm? if I ever end up with a white car, I think I'd be really really tempted to do something like it.

[ post script: blogger had suffered some craziness last wednesday, so the original of this post--the one that had comments--got deleted. but they finally stuck the old comments back. yay. ]


Katie Edwards :) said...

I'm in love with this car!! I do love me some sharpies!! Makes me want to go grab mine!!

Angela Baarz said...

If I ever end up with a white car, I'd be tempted to commission you to do something like that to it. So AWESOME

amelia said...

let's all chip in to buy a decent white car. then we can get together and have a sharpie-art-project festival. what do you say?

Happy Mom said...

LOVE the art work!

I makes me want to grab my sharpies!

amelia said...

thank you!
you should--they are a pretty awesome medium to work in.