Thursday, February 10

be my polaris

I was telling friend Chris the other day just how strange things feel when new people make themselves important to you in unexpected ways. 'it's confusing, almost,' I said. 'disorienting. like the ground has turned into a quilt of waffles. yes, that is what it's like. sort of crispy waffles, but not all that adequately stitched together...'

and I have been walking around on this inadequately stitched quilt of waffles for a few weeks now, re-learning who I am and where it is I'm trying to go. this isn't easy, but it is exciting. everything has started to look different. all my reference points have shifted.

okay... not all of them. there are a few that never move and never will. and then there's me.

or is it just a me-shaped hole in the universe?

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