Friday, November 5

before and today

I bought this mirror cabinet thing at a garage sale for $1.

it was conveniently taped already, and after many months, I finally got around to painting it. brown, to match the curtains.
with a little bit of blue smudged on, for texture.
yes, that is the English flag up there, hanging above the dish(from Poland) of all my hair clips.
and yes, that is a lot of Canadian flag packing tape. no, I don't know what I'm going to do with all that ribbon. or the empty vinegar bottle. any suggestions?
the insides of this cabinet are painted with chalkboard paint. I should get my hands on some chalk, maybe. that ways I could leave secret messages to myself.


Maximus Meridius said...

I have a roll of that Canadian flag packing tape but I need more and can't remember where I bought it.
Do you remember where you bought yours?

amelia chesley said...

oh hi-- I believe I got mine at a post office in Lethbridge, Alberta. either a post office or a drug store... it was quite a while ago now.