Wednesday, October 13

I won't even try

maybe it's that giving things names is too much like commitment. too much like completion. and that's hard. but whatever the reasons, I'm no good with titles. they don't come easy to me. all the perfectly descriptive, succinct, and evocative titles for some reason run away and hide whenever I'm trying to come up with one. I usually end up relying on other people to tell me what they think the story should be called.

titles are part of a first impression. and names have power, right?

the coolest titles are those that don't seem obvious. I guess they have the power to make us think. to trace new connections between ideas we thought were familiar.

some interesting names and titles I've come across lately:

On the Pleasure of Hating: a beautiful, slim, white paperback collection of essays by William Hazlitt.

of Montreal: an indie pop/rock band from Athens, Georgia, whose songs tend to have insane and wonderful titles like "Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse," "Labyrinthian Pomp," and "Gronlandic Edit."

Noble Shropshire: the actor who played Polonius in Pioneer Theatre's Hamlet last month.

Kaolinite: an interesting clay mineral. I think it has a cool name, eh?

anyway. those are some random things and people. what other awesome titles might I come across next, I wonder? and will the awesomeness of them ever rub off on me and make up for my lack of title-giving talent?

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