Thursday, September 2

sort of love. sort of forever.

maybe you've noticed the tweaking of the blog design. I'm still working on it though. any suggestions for me? that right-hand column may not fit properly on all screens, I'm thinking. we'll see what we can do with it.

by freak coincidence, radiolab put up their newly redesigned website today also. it has a goat.

what's so cool about goats? I just think they're adorable. just look at this. and they can eat practically anything. I totally identify with that sort of behavior.

however, the fact that a website has a goat doesn't mean it automatically qualifies as an awesomely-put-together website. I'm not quite sure how I like this renovated, actually. but as long as they keep making wonderful radio, I might be persuaded not to care about their code.

speaking of radiolab, their latest and newest podcast is all about words. words making things better. or a lack of words making things better? I don't know if I would know how to handle experiencing the world without language, but Jill Taylor says it's pretty amazing.

now that I'm blogging about this, I seem to remember my mum talking about that woman's book. so many books I haven't read...

on sunday my former roommate's sister was mentioning a book called Stiff, by some woman who writes about crazy topics. for example: dead bodies. or what life is really like in zero gravity. the next morning Mary Roach was on the radio, talking about her new book and all the fun things she got to do as research for it.

and then another friend mentioned he had been reading Born to Run. a book with a title like that just doesn't strike me as one I'd ever be very interested in. but then I heard its author on the radio telling these intriguing stories about barefoot children in Africa. really, I should be long past categorizing any book as one I wouldn't be interested in. I have read many, many odd books. some of them for undeniably odd reasons.

anyway... wish me luck with the following upcoming events: a haircut, a yoga class, a bit of stargazing, and writing the next twenty pages of my little alien girl novel. all things I anticipate loving quite a lot.

and please, can I have one of these shirts?


Chelsi said...

i happen to love goats as well. there were some in my parents yard in a retention pond. i wanted one, but spencer said no because it would void our lease.

amelia said...

aw. we had a goat for a while when I was younger. we didn't keep her very long...

but i still think they are awesome.