Thursday, September 30


when I bought the fabric for this project, I sort of had an idea of making pillows or something all coordinating like that. so along with the green and brown paisley, I brought home a couple yards of stripes. a little bit got used as the lining of a purse. the rest has been sitting in a box in the closet.

and then I made some chair covers. they don't fit perfectly... but they work.

and then I took a lot of pictures of them. because the world needs to know just exactly what we sit on in this household.

the lighting in our kitchen is a little bit crazy, eh? I should have gotten a closeup of that set of jade plants, for some comparison. someday, perhaps. I hope they aren't getting too much sun.

there might still be enough fabric left for some throw pillows. they'd look quite nice on our amazing-beyond-amazing white sofa, I bet.

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Julie and Nate said...

I LOVE that fabric. Darling!