Wednesday, June 2

seven stories is just right

I woke up thismorning very unsure of where I was. since last Thursday, I've slept in a handful of different beds and woken up to a handful of different situations. vacations are pretty awesome like that.
so this is the building where my old friend Anthony Maitz lives. it's almost one hundred years old and it has the most charming elevator I have ever seen. I didn't take the picture above... but I did take some. and I will add them later. don't let me forget.

we encountered many wonderful things in Los Angeles. please allow me to list them, in an order that is mostly chronological:

the rooftop patio. completely awesome.

gloriously amazing food. crepes. fried rice. sweet potato fries. frozen yogurt. pizza. and those avacado chicken egg roll things, which I'm totally going to re-create someday, if it's the last thing I ever do.

the ocean, with dolphins in it. and a fuzzy pink sunset.

sushi. I figured I would like sushi, but until this weekend I hadn't tried the stuff. now I know that I like sushi very much. why does it have to be so expensive?

pinkberry. I think my mouth is going to start counting the days until I can visit pinkberry again. re-creating that stuff is surely hopeless. I'll have to settle for dreaming about it.

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