Saturday, June 26

an investment

approximately two hours ago, I traded every last scrap of cash in my wallet (it wasn't much, don't worry) to a blonde woman in a striped shirt for a nice HP printer/scanner/copier. and some ink cartridges.

this is the first thing I scanned, as a test to see if the machine would work properly. it's the front of what I've been using as a day planner for the last six months. its edges are ragged. its cheap embroidery-floss binding is tearing through the cover. the insides are scribbled full of sloppy lists, phone numbers, hymn numbers, doodles, reminders, badly drawn maps, questions, notes, arrows, and checkmarks. there are post-its on several of the pages full of more of the same. shopping lists. people to call. books to read. things to look up. details to remember. or not.

my roommate likes to read through all this stuff when she's a little bit bored. it's probably like looking into a corner of my brain. a pretty intense sort of entertainment, right?

while I'm at it, I may as well scan a bit of the inside. below we have the weeks of June 20 and June 27.
some notable checklist items from the past week:
_ call Dad
_ unpack stuff
_ chicken salad
_ Starcustard

and for the future? I'm going to be back in dear Cache Valley for a bit. and my library books are all due next week. don't let me forget about those.


We Krazy Knuts said...

Come see us!!! We're in Richmond now! Let me know when you come and we'll see if Chelsea can come too!!!

amelia said...

ooh, i might be able to. I will let you know... do you have the same phone number?

We Krazy Knuts said...