Saturday, April 24

music, the food of love?

this play was the very first Shakespeare I ever got to see on stage. revisiting it last evening brought back memories of summer, balconies, wide green lawns, lemon tarts, and grandma. just a little bit of déjà vu. but there is always a completely new shape to a play when you see it somewhere different. the lines are all the same, but nothing else really is.

I wish I knew who designed the poster for it, so I could give credit to the proper person and so I could admire them for that clever twist of the word night.

there were things about this production I was not entirely sure about. they threw in a lot of contemporary songs, which was unique... but odd. almost every actor put on a completely random accent, which made some things funnier, but other things that much harder to understand.

anyway, despite the director having to stand in at the last minute for Sir Toby and not knowing all of his lines, we got three hours of quite amusing Elizabethan comedy.

this makes two Shakespeare plays in two months. am I going to make a habit of this?

that would be cool.

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