Friday, February 26

start with graphite

Adobe pretty much has a monopoly on the good graphic design software, right?


but until I get to the point where I can afford and justify giving in to their dominion, I've got Inkscape. I never did figure out Illustrator all that well during my brief full-time design work. Photoshop was always easier for me. but today, in my opensource version of Illustrator, I turned this grimy little sketch...
into this little collection of bezier curves:

with which I shall now be able to do awesome things. like... designing business cards that won't end up looking like a scruffy pencil sketch when you print them. and stuff.
someday, the whole world will be open source. I hope somebody out there is working on something like InDesign. I miss it most of all.

you can get inkscape for yourself here.


Chelsi said...

very impressive. i never got illustrator either. i'm a photoshop girl.

amelia said...

yes. I love photoshop. but I wish to someday master illustrator too. those vectors can do some awesome stuff.