Friday, January 22

you might miss something

it was a slushy sort of morning (tuesday--a reputably good day), sunrise pushing holes in the clouds all over. but just south of Pocatello, thick white mists began to flood the spaces between the hills. it got dark. sleet turned to snow turned to blizzard, and it stayed that way for miles.

highway 91 through Preston just about killed me.

leaving Logan after lunch, I feared Wellsvile Canyon would be just as deadly, choked with ice and chill and traffic. but those brave Wasatch mountains to the east must have lured the storm into a trap somewhere and left it to starve away to nothing, because the whole valley, as far as I could see from the ridge of 400 North, was painted clear and golden, just a little bit slick from melting winter.

I've driven through that canyon what, eight hundred times or so? more? and it's never looked so gorgeous. from top to bottom, all the way through, it was so bright I could see the shadows of every single tree lying soft against the smooth white snow.

now, driving through a swervy, narrow canyon is not a good place to be taking photographs. and that is why all I can give you is this one, looking back at those lovely mountains from the far end of Brigham City, just as I rejoined the interstate.

the interstate is a much safer place to be taking photographs while you're driving, isn't it?

the rest of my trip was just as bright and just as clear. I was only twelve minutes late to work, and I got to sit at a desk in a library with a view just a few degrees more awesome than this. cut out the power lines and the parking lot and you'll about have it.


Kara said...

WHy are you taking pictures while driving!?!?!?
AHAHHHHHHHHH don't do it!

I'm glad you got through the bad roads at least though..

amelia said...

it's okay... i was watching the road. that's why the photo is crooked.