Wednesday, December 16

new stuff, new rules

inbetween my dentist appointment and the time I had to leave for work yesterday, an everso charming FedEx man rang my doorbell and delivered a large white box.

I tore through the tape and pried open the flaps, and inside was one of these.

the first page of its little square booklet of documentation tells me, "Congratulations, you and your MacBook were made for each other."

cute, eh?

so now I own a macbook. what am I going to do with it? how is it going to change my life?

being in possession of this new, gleaming white piece of technology makes me a little nervous. new responsibility. new things to get used to. is having a laptop going to make me into even more of an internet junkie? will I start losing touch with everything beyond this glowing 13-inch screen? what measures will I have to take to keep myself from becoming a complete zombie?

but then, as I shut the thing down and crawled into bed, journal splayed open next to the pillow, with still an hour to go 'til my self-imposed bedtime, I realized that all I really need are the same rules. this five-pound chunk of hardware and software doesn't have to mean any drastic shift in the way I run my life. it won't be too very different from any other computer I've ever used. I will do the same things with it. I will be the same person with it. what did I really think would be different?


Chelsi Lasater said...

oooh darlin, just wait. your mac will become like a child to you. congrats and welcome to the club.

Amelia Chesley said...

I should think up a name for it, shouldn't I?
any suggestions? hmm... is it a girl or a boy? or... hmm...