Monday, December 14

here's how they turned out

for anyone who missed it, the winner of the Christmas card guessing game was my mother, with a guess of twenty-six cardboard boxes. the grand total was in fact twenty-seven. (for the record, I used only five of those for my Christmas card making. the other twenty-two will have to wait their turn.)

the finished prize ended up looking like so:

it's the big-star-made-of-dots, shrunk down to fit in the requisite dimensions, printed in simple black and white, cut and tied up in a ribbon.

to see all of my Christmas sketches from this year, take a look over here. to get one to keep for yourself, cross your fingers that you run into me during the next two weeks. or, if you really, really want, make sure I've got your address and I might be able to mail you one.

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