Friday, December 4

early to rise

it's been nearly three months since this glorious late-summer morning and I can very possibly count the number of sunrises I've seen on one hand. maybe two, if we're being generous.

I did succeed in some picture-taking, however. none of those pink roses by the wall, unfortunately.
for photographs far more plentiful and amazing than these few of mine, you can pretend you're watching the sun rise (or set) in any of these faraway places.

the sunrise this morning very patiently melted away a thick layer of lumpy purple clouds before coming up over the mountains. now all that's left of the clouds are white stringy bits, scattered across the sky. it's too cold for me to stand outside on top of the picnic table, but now that all the trees have given up their green, it's easier to peek through the living room window while I sit on the arm of the sofa, all wrapped up around one of the giant pillows. I'm sure I'll see a few more sunrises before they start happening too early...

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