Saturday, November 21

small tribute to forgotten anniversaries

november, six years ago, I began writing this story.

that's all I remembered, really. the story since then has grown and grown and grown, twisting and tying itself in knots.

for the past few months, off and on, I've been working on building it a new house. it needs more space. it needs to be free.

november, six years ago. but when in november? thismorning I was curious, so I tracked down one of the few surviving records, and I discovered that the date of the very first post was today. november 21, 2003. six years ago today!

the story must have known. it wanted me to bake it a cake and sing it a song.

I don't really have time today for baking, but here, in honor of this partly-sunny saturday of serendipity, is an excerpt from the beginning of The Plaid Identity. there will be more to come.

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