Tuesday, March 3

more on that tomorrow

I was just reading that little blog of my sister's over there, and I found this poem, way back on her very first post. here it is:
WINTER wobbles in,
not sure what to do.
It decides to get angry,
and storms about the room.
It finally gets exhausted
and sits for a time,
then stumbles away and melts into spring.

~by marianne
I liked it. at least someone in this family is a good poet.

this picture is one from Canada--the park down the road from our apartment.
winter here in the present is indeed stumbling away. spring comes early in this part of the universe. more on that tomorrow.


Julie and Nate said...

Hey, I saw Marianne's blog on your blog and so I checked it out (I guess that makes me a blog stalker... oops). Anyway, I saw that poem and thought it was incredibly creative and very true. She is a lovely writer... much like yourself! I wish I just had about 25% of that creativity!!!

amelia said...

you're so sweet!
and you are creative, whatever you might think. just look at all those cakes. and your gorgeous kids.

Julie and Nate said...

Yeah, but making cakes doesn't take creativity... it takes the persistence and the ability to do what you're told! It's the bride that does the dreaming which takes the creativity out of creating. Oh well, it's still fun!