Thursday, March 12


sometimes, things don't make sense.

like why I love plaid so much. the central picture in this collage I made a long time ago had hints of plaid all over in it. doesn't she look dramatic, all draped across that piece of furniture in the middle of a field? I think when I clipped that picture out of whatever old magazine it came from, that's when it all began.

or like why I feel so driven to write. I'm not always that great at it. sometimes the ideas are slow and torturous to put together. but the sizzle and texture from all the images and descriptions that fill my could I let that just go to waste in my dreams?

I couldn't.

and hopefully, the bits of nonsense and the moments of not-so-greatness will not go to waste either. it all has a place.


Roeckers said...

Plaid! Plaid?

We've got plaid plates, bowls, and mugs! Talk about awesome.... Oh yeah, and the predominant color is orange. Talk about great!

Well, I've found your blog. Now I can read a bit more about you than just a "hello."

Go plaid!

amelia said...

yes, I am quite enamored of plaid--but I can be picky about it. every plaid has its place, I guess. orange sounds cool though.