Wednesday, August 31

a review of my classes

Since I'm sure you're all very interested...
I'll go in chronological order, okay? Monday, Wednesday, Friday and then Tuesday, Thursday classes.

Document Design and Graphics, with Dr. Shook

Dr. Shook is a very amusing professor. He has us thinking about the purposes of documents, the difference between noise and information, and why artsy, decorative junk gets in the way.
I'm not sure how I feel about all this, since I tend to like artsy, decorative junk. But it should be a cool class, involving a lot of hands-on experience with designing documents.

Humanities - Ancient Civilization and Religion

This class does not match any of my other classes. 1. It's not English. 2. It's not 4000 level or higher. 3. It is full of Freshmen.
None of those make it a bad class... but I definitely do not find it as exciting as english 5400, for example. I'm not really into history, so I'm only taking this because I have to. It's dull, full of notetaking, quizzes, and all that other stuff I thought I left behind me when I went to England.

Professional Editing

So far this class is less interesting than I had hoped. We went over copyediting marks today. I learned those in highschool. But hey, I have to take it, and it'll probably teach me stuff. That's what school is for, right? learning to learn, etc.

Modern Rhetorical Theory, with Professor Keith Grant-Davie

I've already spoken about this class and its content a little bit. I love it. Keith Grant-Davie is one of my favourite professors (and I don't say that purely because of his cool accent). The way he inspires and instigates dialogues about every subject he brings up in class is awesome. That is the way I wish all of my classes were--intelligent people talking about complex topics, discussing them, analyzing's great.

Specialized Documents, with Dr. Kelli Cargile-Cook

This is the class I'm most excited about. Kelli (it's either that or calling her Dr. Cargile-Cook, and given that choice, I think we will all call her Kelli) came in yesterday and told us we had no planned assignments, but that we had to come up with a complete reconception of the University's English Department website. For real. Not for pretend class project thing. For Real.
And next semester the English 5410 class will get to build it (of course I plan to take it next semester. I wouldn't miss that chance for anything). All this semester we get to plan out our own schedule, work out our own goals, and at the end we'll present our proposals to the Department Chair and one group's design will be chosen to be made into the new website. It might be silly of me to be so excited about this, but I think it's the coolest thing ever.


Chris said...

Wow...go anonymous! That's what I call effective marketing! They've been reading that blog you linked to. :P

Your professors have such funky names. I want a professor with a funky name.

How do you get this word verification thing? It seems useful.

Chris said...

I have the word verification thing now. I need not your help.