Monday, August 24

little by little

here is the front of several hours of weekend weaving. five different yarns. green cotton warp thread. the weaving itself is probably about three inches high. not sure how many rows of weft, total-- why would I count?

and here is the back:

I made this frame loom from one of the frames my dad and I made a few Christmases ago, which was itself made from old baseboards out of an old building. 

The Weaving Loom blog has been very helpful for instructions and inspirations. 

I have four or so more kinds of yarn I've pseudo-planned to add in. some cream, more yellow, two shades of red, and a little more variegated. it's hard work, weaving in and out and around. I'm excited to see how the design develops.

I took the photos with the weaving at the top, but in practice I'm weaving from the bottom up. I wonder which way I'll want to display the thing when it's done. whenever that is.



as a postscript, here is a photo I'd forgotten I'd taken of another Audre Lorde poem.

When you are hungry
learn to eat
whatever sustains you
until morning
but do not be misled by details
simply because you live them.

Do not let your head deny
your hands
any memory of what passes through them
nor your eyes        nor your heart
everything that can be used
except what is wasteful...

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