Thursday, August 24

a baker's dozen years ago

while searching for some old article by Susan Leigh Star, which I think I found and now need to re-read, I also came across the old archives of my very first online journalspace.

I decided to open the files for August 2004 and August 2005. August 2005 mostly contained mopey nonsense. August 2004 was more amusing, even if not less nonsensical.

here is the entry from exactly 13 years ago today, spun from the silly head of a twenty-year-old amelia.

2004-08-24 23:57:45 yipee and etcetera

SOCKS i folded all my socks into pairs on saturday. this will probably never happen again.

BOOKS i finished robert rankin's the Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocolypse last night. brilliant. as brilliant as. as hilarious as. go read it, you'll see. i'm also halfway through Exodus. yes, the one in the old testament. yes, i'm probably going to fail to read the entire old testament. i'm trying anyway.

WORK two jobs. two jobs, and school starts next week.... i pray that i don't go insane. it's twelve forty a.m. already... why am i still awake?

WRITING untitled semi autobiographical novel coming along fairly well. the plaid identity getting somewhat intense, if i do say so myself. hopefully now that i've got internet in my very own bedroom, there'll be lots more opportunity to develop that epic. mathematecal allegory progressing slowly. for all this is only technically a rewrite, it's been a long and arduous one so far. starcustard. we're working on it. lazily. poems? hang the poems. I don't care about poems. scrapbook? technically not writing, but a project nonetheless. it's on a shelf. to do lists. i have too many of these.

OTHER STUFF there is a sign pasted onto the door of the apartment opposite mine, and it says, in very clear block letters, "I eat kittens" with a heart in red pen underneath. i looked at it and thought... hm... men in hats. anyway. i think i'll get some sleep now that it's nearly one in the morning.

thoughts and reflections:

it's a rare evening when I'm awake in the middle of the night like that, these days. hard to remember when that was normal.

since that day, I actually have folded all the socks I own, multiple times. but not always. what would past self think of such, I wonder?

I don't remember if I finished the whole old testament or not. I imagine that if I did, it took me quite a long time, and that I didn't read the thing in any particular order.

none of that writing I used to be doing is writing that I am still doing, though The Plaid Identity still has a dormant email thread to its name, somewhere. hmm. I have different writing now. but I still do some of it on the internet, which perhaps means something...

the Men in Hats comic seems to still exist. interesting.

while we're talking about looking backwards in time, have I mentioned that I made a little podcast? it's a LibriVox podcast, for the community, in celebration of LibriVox's 12th anniversary. you can listen to it if you like.


Chris said...

An old and familiar and different time.

amelia chesley said...

mhmm. I very nearly just pasted this whole old thing into a chatbox to you, but then I decided to be ridiculously navel-gazey and post it here for the whole world.

I will blog about something less amelia-centric soon, I promise. it's all percolating.