Saturday, November 5

subscription snacktime

a week or so before our roadtrip to New York for 1. the Computers & Writing conference, 2. friend Fernando's wedding and 3. randomly exploring Toronto and waving at Patti's relatives inbetween 1 and 2, I tried out a subscription box of snacks from Naturebox. I figured it'd be good for roadtrip munching. I was right.

the other week I caved in and ordered a second box, just cuz. it's the busy time of the semester. snacks are good for keeping my brain awake.

these cheddar lentil loops were pretty much the most glorious crunchy thing I've eaten in all of recent memory. I loved them.

the dried peaches were almost equally wonderful. and every handful of gummy watermelon stars I rationed out for myself made me smile a bit. I wasn't so much in love with the peanut butter nom noms or the trail mix, though they were okay. the salt-and-vinegar veggie crisps were alright, but I confess I can't handle too much salt-and-vinegar after a while. it overwhelms me.

if you want to try Naturebox, here is a handy referral link for you: you get free snacks, I get credit for more lentil loops and more chocolate nom noms. awesome, eh?

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