Tuesday, November 1

reviews previews

a few weeks back, friend Patti (who is, for your information, the most talented twitter-ist I have had ever the pleasure to follow on twitter) mentioned to me this alternative to National Novel Writing Month: one review of something for every day of November.

and so in a gush of bloggerly excitement, she and I decided to do it. I enjoyed the challenge of blogging every day for a month back in April 2015, and reviews are a thing I occasionally do here anyway. it shouldn't be too difficult.

so I made a list, to make sure I would have enough things to review. 30 whole things. some were very easy to think of, and some took more pondering. stay tuned-- I shall be reviewing shows (both stage and television), places, books, audiobooks, podcasts, food, recipes, restaurants, activities, and maybe some art. every day will be a little slice of something this Amelia has experienced relatively lately.

if I try, I may reach the heights of reviewing skill to which friend Melanie long ago ascended. Melanie's insightful pieces on film and literature always teach me something and urge me toward new interests and new stories. Melanie, you should join in our November review-a-thon blogging challenge too!

I'm kind of cheating today, writing a preview of the month and not technically reviewing anything specific yet (unless we want to count my mini-review of Melanie's reviews? that might count). but anyway, I've got to start somewhere. so here goes. happy November.


Deb said...

Happy November to you, too. I look forward to your reviews. (and any/all of your other writings)

Janeheiress said...

Hahah, Thanks Amelia! Sadly, my reviews have fallen by the wayside the past few months. I really wish I could do the challenge, but I'm trying to work on a book, study for the GRE, and teach myself French all at the same time. But we'll see. :) I look forward to reading yours!

amelia chesley said...

oh fun! I wish you luck with the GRE and with French. (are there travels to France in the future?)