Wednesday, November 9

look around, look around

I wasn't sure if reviewing a random thing would be worth my energy today, but I have been thinking back to this guy's videos, particularly about various election systems and this more recent one about how power has this way of corrupting the humans who hold on to it too long. being knowledgeable about such things feels very important right now where we sit at this particular spot in the calendar.

Mr. CGP Grey is a smart fellow. his public educational video work is laudable and neat.

he also has a podcast with a fellow-Youtube-video-maker from Australia (another smart fellow, certainly), and they spend their podcast talking about life and news and geeky-nerdy white-guy things. first-world problems, one might call much of it. and anyway, I love podcasts, but... long, practically-unedited bouts of geeky-nerdy white-guy things get pretty darn boring.

it's gonna feel sorta tokenism of me to shut up so suddenly about white guys and plug various non-white-guy-things, but I'm gonna do it anyway and hope it still matters. representation matters, in all these media. the voices you hear and the faces you see matter. input and perspectives and empathy and imagining other humans complexly all matter!

so here:

a youtube series hosted by a woman + including lots of diverse humans

a youtube channel hosted by a Canadian teenaged girl

the youtube channel of a really brilliant human who generally eschews gender entirely

a podcast hosted by a black woman

a podcast hosted by two women

another podcast created and hosted by a woman

some of these are pretty wonderful things that I might save to review more fully later in the month.

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